2023 Schedule

1/14: January Meetup
1/28: Disablot (closed)
2/11: February Meetup
3/11: March Meetup
3/25: Ostara (open)
4/8: April Meetup
4/29: Walpurgisnacht (closed)
5/13: May Meetup
6/10: June Meetup
6/24: Midsummer (open)
7/8: July Meetup
8/12: August Meetup
8/19: Hearthfinding (closed)
9/9: September Meetup
9/23: Harvest Blot (open)
10/14: October Meetup
11/4: Ancestor Blot (closed)
11/11: November Meetup
12/9: December Meetup
TBD: Yule (open)

We hold our monthly Heathen Meet & Greet from 2-4PM in Austin. Our regular meeting location has moved from Central Market to Beverley S. Sheffield Park. Please refer to our Facebook for regular updates on meeting locations and discussion topics.

Our open rituals are for both members and non-members, while our closed rituals are for members only.